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This toolkit is designed to help raise awareness about meningococcal serogroup B disease (often referred to as meningitis B) and to encourage your patients to ask about meningitis B vaccination in your pharmacy. Many people aren’t aware that the meningitis B vaccine became available in 2014 and chances are they haven’t been vaccinated. Whether you simply want to create awareness about the meningitis B vaccination or are having a designated event, the tools below will help you get the word out in your community. You can download the entire kit or each component separately by clicking on the orange links below. Please note that these materials may not be altered other than to fill in event details where indicated.

Create Awareness in Your Community

Meningococcal disease is an uncommon but serious infectious illness that historically in the US is caused by 5 different serogroups, including meningitis B. Educating appropriate patients about the meningitis B vaccine can help increase vaccination rates in your community. Use the resources below to help initiate conversations.


Reach teen patients and their parents through email to help educate them about meningitis and the availability of meningitis B vaccines in the pharmacy. Two different emails are available, one for each audience.

University Letter

Reach college health officials in your community with this personalized letter to introduce your pharmacy and to let them know about meningitis B vaccination.

Website Banners

Website banner ads can be posted to your website or given to media providers to reach patients on the web and encourage them to visit a pharmacy to learn more about meningitis B vaccination. 

Facebook Post, Instagram Post, Twitter Post

These pre-created posts can be uploaded to your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter page to encourage your followers to visit a pharmacy to learn more about meningitis B vaccination.

Create Awareness In-Store

Once patients are in your store, it’s important to remind them to talk to the pharmacist about meningitis B vaccination. The tools below will help attract patients and encourage them to learn more about vaccination in your pharmacy.

Window Decal

Display decals on the windows of your pharmacy or store to encourage young patients to come in and talk to the pharmacist about meningitis and the importance of meningitis B vaccination.


Display around your store to prompt patients to have a conversation with the pharmacist about meningitis B vaccination while in the pharmacy.

Patient Fact Sheet

Share this informative handout with your appropriate patients and their parents to educate them about meningitis and the importance of meningitis B vaccination.


Focus on Men B
Responding to a Men B outbreak
Adult Vaccination Brochure
GSK Vaccination Welcome Video

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